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What you don’t know about MaxDB…

Every day I’m faced with colleagues, customers, partners or SDN members asking questions about MaxDB.

How can we set up an external backup tool? Why is my index not taken by the optimizer? Can I use MaxDB as a productive system?

These questions reveal that although there is a whole lot of information on MaxDB (and all the answers to the questions above) available already, many people just don’t know where to find them.

The SDN Wiki for MaxDB is the right place to look for all those information.
It has been and will be maintained by our MaxDB Development Support and it got filled up pretty much.

Instead of making too many words, I decided to just show you, what you can find there and how much information is already in there. Thanks to the guys in Berlin (MaxDB Development Support) who took this huge effort to provide all the information!

So have fun browsing through all these information!

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