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Have yourself a good 🙂🕰! (😎)

Ok, nothing complex, crazy, or high-concept today. Just a reminder that stuff like the following is possible without any effort with your database of choice (including HANA, of course):

 ("🌏" nvarchar(20) NOT NULL
 , "⏰" nvarchar(20) NOT NULL); 
INSERT INTO "⏰🌏" VALUES ('🇦🇺', '🔮');
Yeah, your table names can be Unicode characters and emojis!

This does not stop if you want to dig into query performance.
This is what the EXPLAIN PLAN looks like:

Explain plan for 
So, both the “🌏” and the “⏰” column from table “⏰🌏” get projected. Hot stuff!

And that’s it.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay kind.


What I have described in this post and the fact that you are reading it now are heavily correlated.
WordPress, the blog platform that I use to host this blog, uses MySQL to store the contents of the posts. This includes the Unicode symbols I used for the emojis in the text.
Then WordPress, a PHP application, needs to read this from the MySQL database via ODBC, process it correctly, and produce an HTML page that it sends to the browser.
The browser, in turn, has to decode and render the Unicode characters correctly.

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