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Ok, I admit, I don’t have a very good idea of MS SQL Server.

I do Oracle and MaxDB – that pretty much is it.

Of course, as a database support guy you always need to peek over the fence to the other DBMS (e.g. working on priority Very High messages during weekends) but this has nothing to do with gaining a certain level of real experience with the ‘other’ DBMS.

Although my MS SQL colleague is usually sitting just on the opposite end of the desk usually everybody is busy enough with working on his/her own stuff.

But this makes me even more lucky to have found the following blog about SAP on MS SQL Server:

Running SAP Applications on SQL Server

So if you’re in MS SQL Server you really want to pay this one a visit (as long as you return to good old Oracle and MaxDB afterwards ;-)).

As far as I’m informed the blog is written by several authors, some of them working at SAP in Walldorf most of their time.

Have fun reading!


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