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Stay up-to-date! How to keep up with the latest changes in SAP notes.

One of my duties in SAP Support is to facilitate the knowlegde transfer from Development to the Supporters. For some time one of the measures I took was to send out every week an email that consisted of all changed/new notes of the last week. The list of notes was liked to the SAP Service Marketplace notessearch ( so that my collegues were able to just click on each note and check what was new about it.

The major drawback of this approach to me is obvious:
I had to make up that list each and every week. So I looked out for an option to make my life easier and put more power into the hands of my collegues at the same time. Happily: this option is already present in the Service Marketplace notes search.

Above you see the notes search form how it appears in the Service Marketplace. I assume most of you already know this. Nevertheless there are some features that may be rather seldom used – like the search template feature.

To create a template for a search for the notes of a specific component (Application Area) created or changed in the last 7 days just follow 4 easy steps:

1) Enter the component, e.g. BC-DB-SDB* (don’t forget the * to include all components “below” the level specified)

2) Add Additional Criteria: just click on the little blue box and you get this dialog:

2) 1 – Select “Last 7 days” and “All changes” to make sure you get also those notes that just got released by the reviewer without any changes to its content.

2) 2 – Go back to the initial search form by clicking the “Select” Button.

Back on the initial search form we’re now ready to save this template. To do so, just click the “Save as Template” (3) Button. You may also want to change the number of notes displayed at a max on one page – but you can change this also later on.

After the template has been named and saved it is now available everytime just by clicking the “Load Template” 4) Button in the upper right corner of the search form. If you like to modify a template, just load it, make your changes and save it with the same name.

That way everybody can help himself with the “updated notes list” and I can spent more time doing other work (or leave early ;-))

Best regards,

If you want to keep track of just one or a few notes that are important for you, you may want to go for a note subscription. How you do that is described here: A useful hint on notes

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