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SDN Wiki Features – what features?

While editing content for MaxDB Wiki here in SDN I wondered how I might return to an older version of the page.

Unlike e.g. MediaWiki  the WIKI engine behind Wikipedia ( in the SDN Wiki there is no tab bar “Versions”.

Instead one finds the “Info” tab bar, which brings up a page with quite handy tools:

As you see there are different information boxes. The upper left one not only summarizes the most important document data but also provide a tinyurl function which is very useful to refer to a specific page in the WIKI.

Using this function a link like


Nice, isn’t it?

Beside this, there is also an infobox about the most recent changes to the current page available.

This ‘Recent Changes’ box, in turn, has a link ‘View page history’ which lead us to the complete page history. From there one can compare two version of a page or restore an older version of the page:

As you see, the standard WIKI features are there – one ‘just’ has to know where exactly…

Best regards,

p.s. while we’re at it: if you’re interested in MaxDB you really should give the WIKI a try. It’s available at – I mean :-))

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