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SAP Online Track 2020

On the last weekend in May, just a few days ago, the SAP Online Track was held. A volunteer-driven, online developer, and user event around SAP technology.

A friendly nudge from Vitaliy Rudnicki (SAP) on twitter in April made me check if I could manage to come up with a talk and write and record it in time for the event. Obviously, this worked out, otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading about it now.

My talk is called “If your SQL reads like Assembler you’re doing it all wrong.” (session [SOT213]) and the recording is available on the SAP Online Track YouTube channel.

or, right here:

In this talk I discuss why SQL development is so complicated, why developers waste time re-implementing the same pieces of low-level logic over and over again and what options there are to improve this situation.

There are even a few code examples and a dinosaur in the presentation, so it is not just me ranting about an unjust world.

While I would be happy to see everybody now rushing to check out the recording of my talk, I have to acknowledge the huge number of great sessions of the other speakers.
I mean, just look at the schedule (on

SAP Online Track May 2020 list of session on
What a line-up! This beats many SAPPHIRE and TechED sessions hands down.

What’s left for me, beside a long backlog of sessions to watch, is to thank the fantastic team of organizers that made this event possible.

Well done and thank you, to the whole team of moderators and organizers!

Sunset and dino on the horizon

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