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SAP Inside Track #sitMEL – Full Day Event in Melbourne

On Saturday, 15.02.2020, a rather rain-drenched stormy day in Melbourne, Australia, the SAP Inside Track #sitMEL – Full Day Event was held.

I was honored to get a speaker slot and the chance to talk about “Humane DB design and programming“.

Thanks a lot to Phil Cooley for doing such an outstanding job in organizing this community event!

The presentation session has been recorded and is available on YouTube:

#sitMEL – Humane DB Design and Programming
Lars Breddemann, Data Process Insights

About my presentation

The slide deck for the presentation is available on the resources page.

An online version with clickable picture-links is available on SlideShare:

For the code examples, I created a GitHub repository.

The main point of this presentation is to refactor SQL code towards understanding.

In the presentation, I walk through two examples of code refactoring:

1) “dataInEditPeriod”-function

I found this example in the SAP Community Platform forum and wrote about it before in my blog post SQL Refactoring Example.

2) “Customer Aging report/Account receivable report”

Another example from the SAP Community Platform Q&A forum.
A rather classic report of outstanding payments by customers over time-periods.
This example covers more different refactoring steps and highlights newly gained insights along the process.

Thanks again to the organizers and sponsors of the event and the fantastic audience.

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