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Quick note on cleaning up the SAP HANA Studio folders after upgrade installations

based on rev. 41 of SAP HANA Studio

Dear fellow SAP HANA users!

SAP HANA SPS5 has just been released which means it’s patch-o-clock for my system.

As usual, the actual update procedure was straightforward and hassle-free.

I still use the manual way to install the upgrade by running hdbsetup.exe – if you’re using the HANA software repository with automatic update enabled then you’re even better off.

So far so good, but when I had a look into the file system folders HANA studio uses on my computer I found that there are several folders that obviously belonged to older revisions and hadn’t been removed automatically.

Personally, I like it clean and simple and decided to get rid of those folders, even though they only contain a couple of MB worth of files.

The folders to look out for this are located in your

    <user profile folder>\hdbstudio
                           + .backup
                              + ...
                           + oss
                           + ...
    <user profile folder>\.eclipse  

Apparently, these folders are created by the P2 director installation tool, that is used for SAP HANA Studio provisioning.

During my testing, these folders and the files in them were never touched again by HANA Studio, so these can be safely deleted.

The ‘oss‘ folder located in <user profile folder>\hdbstudio is something that you may not find on your computer, as this is the separated workspace used for remote service connections to customer systems by SAP support.

For each and every customer system and every connection to those systems, a new workspace gets opened to provide clean environments every time

But also these workspaces are not required for the well functioning of SAP HANA Studio and can, therefore, be deleted.

On my system, this freed up 170MB of disk space and removed 4.554 files in 3.031 folders.

If you now argue that performing this cleanup task doesn’t add or improve any functionality, stability or productivity of SAP HANA Studio, you’re spot on.

But as I said: I like it clean and simple 🙂


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