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Questions to SAP Support: “How to prevent MaxDB from creating backups to the RUNDIRECTORY?”

Hello, community!

Just a minute ago I got to work on a message where a customer asked:

"Hello support team, could you please tell me how to teach MaxDB
not to save backups to the default RUNDIRECTORY but to a path specified by me?"

Since it’s actually not that difficult to figure out how this works, the customer solved this issue himself.

Nevertheless, I read this question one time too often, so here is the answer, public and available for everybody.

To be able to take backups from a MaxDB database (or a liveCache, ContentServer, OneDB respectively) you’ve to define backup templates (or backup mediums how they were called in earlier releases).

These templates describe the kind of data to be backed up (DATA, LOG, INCREMENTAL DATA), the type of backup medium (TAPE, PIPE, EXTERNAL TOOL, FILE), the parallelity etc.
For a backup to the filesystem, a file name needs to be specified. The Database Manager Gui (DBMGUI) automatically fills the respective textbox when you try to add a new medium:

As you can see, we find just a file name there but no folder/path.

If we leave it like that the MaxDB kernel cannot know where to put this file so it uses the current directory it runs in – the RUNDIRECTORY.
In order to change that, all you’ve to do is to *supply the full path plus the file name* as shown in the picture below:

If you know it it’s obvious, isn’t it?

best regards,

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