How to know “all these things”

There is one predominant reason for why databases and database technology get a spot in the conversation of “the business”: performance.Understanding system performance and coming up with ideas for improving it typically requires a form of end-to-end understanding with different levels of detail insight on how a query from a client application is processed by How to know “all these things”

A long comment

Last Monday I read DJ Adam’s blog post about GraphQL and how this tool might be useful to be added to the toolbox of SAP UI5 developers.There is a lively discussion over the blog’s topics going on and most of it was around the GraphQL technology and its potential usage in UI5. I added a A long comment

Finding answers on workdays

Cunningham’s Law is the idea that “the best way to get the right answer on the internet is not to ask a question; it’s to post the wrong answer.“. More often than not I feel that some of the answers provided to questions on the SAP Community platform follow this approach, probably being unaware that Finding answers on workdays

Trouble with time?

Overview of the software layers involved with processing date-time data

A comprehensive overview on handling datetime data in SAP HANA – including timezone conversion, UTC handling and how it relates to JAVA/JDBC.

Maps and Paths

A brief twitter exchange triggered some thoughts about expectations and how those determine whether something is a good A, a passable B or a terrible C. Paths When you want to go somewhere and you do not know the way, you need directions. Somebody or something needs to show you the path to follow. That’s Maps and Paths

Not a New Year’s thing

Happy New Year, dear reader! I hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing time between Christmas and New Years Eve with your thoughts away from work. I can say, I did. During this time I took the opportunity to finish some thoughts on my engagement with the SAP Community Platform (SCP) where I have been a Not a New Year’s thing

What’s your number?

Have you been using the ISNUMERIC() function of MySQL, MS SQL Server or PostgreSQL and wondered what to use in SAP HANA instead? If so, this is the blog for you. Just recently I’ve seen a customer using my old workaround (first published here) and then a few days later the related stackoverflow question got What’s your number?