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Not a New Year’s thing

Happy New Year, dear reader!

I hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing time between Christmas and New Years Eve with your thoughts away from work. I can say, I did.

During this time I took the opportunity to finish some thoughts on my engagement with the SAP Community Platform (SCP) where I have been a moderator for the SAP HANA topic/tag for several years.
I have also been a top contributor for most of the time since I joined the platform and its predecessors – my current profile picture there states that it has been 14 years and a bit by now.

During my tenure, the SAP HANA community grew, new volunteers joined the moderator team and many experts and users shared their experiences, insights and questions. Today, this community is the place to go to ask SAP HANA related questions and I take pride in knowing that I helped to kick-start it.
But now, no starting assistance is necessary any longer and I my professional focus has shifted to less HANA centric topics (I work in the SAP Health team) and so I decided to hang up the “moderator’s hat”.

I have worked on a second “project” that initially triggered setting up the Lars Breddemann Blog: all my blog posts covering topics from SAP on Oracle and MaxDB over to SAP Business Warehouse and SAP HANA can now be found right here.
Given their first publication dates, many of them are outdated, but some seem to still enjoy interest from readers.
As the SCP was re-platformed a couple of times, I think it is easier to have them at a steady “home” with this personal blog.

Since there is no automatic way to download all my blogs from SCP and upload them to WordPress, this migration project was a manual copy & paste activity during several long evenings and weekends. The comments and discussions to the blog posts could not be copied. To read those the interested reader still needs to go back to the SCP version of the blog post.

Having to re-read my own blogs from the last ten years was quite the experience. Look the horrid English, behold the dire need for a copy editor and witness in shock and awe the ever repeating phrases!
It was a tough reminder for me to try to be more careful with my texts. I will try to follow the guidance of real writers (like this) in future texts.

So long, dear reader, have yourself an interesting 2018!

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