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New shores in sight…

As some of you might have noticed, I haven’t been too active in the DB/OS forums lately.
This is because I moved on to a new support team and a new subject for me back in September.
Yes, I took the giant leap and moved two offices to the right and am now running with the SAP BW support superheroes 😉

As in-depth database knowledge in the BW area (rather application/business minded) is as seldom as top-notch BW expertise is in the database group (rather technology/BASIS focussed) we all found that this is going to be a perfect mixup and after seven years in database support I’m enjoying to see so much ‘new’ stuff.
Well, at least I get a quite new angle on many issues that come up between BW and databases and that’s a very good thing.

So what’s in there for you then?

I think I’m going to continue writing about questions, issues, messages and situations that come up in support and for which the usual reaction is: hand it over to ‘the other’ component.
Among these cases are classics like ‘BW load fails due to unusable Oracle indexes’, ‘BW performance is slow’ or ‘that SQL does not seem to make any sense, although it comes right out of the data manager layer of BW…‘.

Well, I guess we will see, what comes up.
For now, I start with a rather typical issue that nicely highlights that looking just a little bit behind one’s own backyard really can make the difference.

To make this blog post not too long, I put the case in another one, accessible >here<.

I hope to see some of my usual readers on that new topic as well.
Best regards,

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