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MaxDB Database Studio 7.7 is available!

I’ve recently written about it (Something new is coming up…).

We presented it on the Las Vegas TechEd (and it will also be shown in Munich).

One question was present all the time: When will the new MaxDB Tool for DBAs/Developers be finally available to the (SAP)-public?

Now there is an answer an it is: NOW!

The MaxDB Database Studio 7.7.03 Build 18 is available for download on the SAP Service Marketplace since last friday.
Four versions are available: Linux 32/64 Bit as well as Windows 32/64 Bit.
Since the Database Studio is completely Ecliipse-based (and thus Java-based) the Linux-Build should also run on the UNIX-derivates on which Eclipse works. Anyhow since only Linux and Windows are usually used for Workstations the Database Studio has been developed and tested only on these two plattforms.

For instructions where to download it and how to install it, please see note 1097311.

ATTENTION: be aware that once you install the Database Studio it will update the independent-part of your MaxDB installation to 7.7.03 Build 18. You may not want to do this on your production server. Therefore please try it out in a “sandbox”-environment.

That’s it for today. Go for it – play with it – have fun!


as far as I’ve seen the download is currently only available via SAP Service Marketplace. Therefore at the moment you need to be a SAP customer to get your hands on this tool. Nevertheless the last thing I heard was that the DB Studio will also be available in the SDN Downloads later on.

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