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Is this the gym you pay for but never actually show up?

Seth Godin put it so nicely: Seth’s Blog: Analytics without action

If you’re not prepared to change your diet or your workouts, don’t get on the scale.

meaning that if you don’t want to actually do something with the insight you gain with analytics then better don’t bother doing them.

Yet, here we are, working mainly on technicalities of yet another platform that will revolutionize business as if we hadn’t have that often enough yet (The “Mad Men” Computer, Explained By Harvard Business Review In 1969 | Fast Company | Business + Innovation).

Carsten Nitschke just reminded us withToo Busy to Innovate that we’re focusing on the wrong stuff.

If there really should be a major difference for how your organization does business it won’t help to just migrate to a new platform or tool.

Maybe funny to realize, but if the migration to the new technology platform is everything your team wants to do, then it actually doesn’t matter what platform you choose. You may as well stick with your old one.

Looking at it from the vendor point of view (and that is the view I have to have of course), every sold license is a good and generates a stream of revenue.

For vendors it’s perfectly fine to focus on speed, features and shiny UIs. That’s what we all sell.

However, that’s not the whole story. And it’s the easy part of the story, too.

The hard part: mainly on your side, as you have to change.

Frighteningly similar to having a session with your personal trainer, ain’t it?

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