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I’m done (apparently) – see y’all

SCN is coming to an end as we all know and apparently I managed to get through early.

All missions completed and highest level reached.

Now, that leaves a feeling of achievement, even early in the week 😀


Having this big achievement under my belt, I am a bit disappointed.

No final fight, no end boss, no grand finale! 🙁

Guys, if that’s “gamification” for you, then please, here’s some examples on how the cool stuff looked like:


Or, for the less arcade-inclined players:


Even TGS had it a bit more glamorous… (although not a lot more)


Anyhow, maybe the SCN team can still come up with an epic end rememberable end of service webpage.

I’d like that!

But I assume, it will just be a redirect to the new community or to here.



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