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HANA backtrace 05/2012

Welcome back to the first instalment of HANA backtrace for 2012.
Let’s look at what I’ve seen and heard about SAP HANA lately:

Accessing data in a SAP HANA box from ABAP requires the well known database library (DBSL) and there are some new notes on this:
SQL hints have a long tradition with nearly all databases and SAP HANA is no exception.
Which of these and how are supported by the DBSL is explained in SAP note:
#1622681 – DBSL hints for SAP HANA

If you’re about to figure out what version of the DBSL is installed on your system you should have look into
#578324 – Make and release information for MaxDB DBSL.

An overview about the DBSL versions can be found in SAP note
#1600066 – Available DBSL patches for NewDB

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Since also the SAP HANA box should be monitorable via Solution Manager, the saphostctrl program needs to be installed on it.
SAP note
#1625203 – saphostagent/sapdbctrl for NewDB
has the specifics for SAP HANA and in SAP note
#1031096 – Installation of paket SAPHOSTAGENT
you’ll find a nice PDF explaining how to install the agent in general.

I just installed it on my test machine and it seems to work:

/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/saphostctrl -function GetDatabaseStatus -dbname HAN -dbtype hdb
Database Status: Running
    Component name: hdbdaemon (HDB Daemon), Status: Running (Running)
    Component name: hdbnameserver (HDB Nameserver), Status: Running (Running)
    Component name: hdbpreprocessor (HDB Preprocessor), Status: Running (Running)
    Component name: hdbindexserver (HDB Indexserver), Status: Running (Running)
    Component name: hdbstatisticsserver (HDB Statisticsserver), Status: Running (Running)
    Component name: hdbconnectivity (HDB Connectivity), Status: Running (connect possible)
    Component name: hdbalertmanager (HDB Alertmanager), Status: Running (No alerts on database.)

In the same area SAP note
#1672908 – sapdbctrl getProperties on NewDB failed
fixes a bug.

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Of course, since the last HANA backtrace several new revisions have been released and    hundreds of bugs and enhancements have been made available (though not all listed in    detail):

#1673965 – SAP HANA appliance: Revision 24 of SAP HANA database
#1680966 – SAP HANA Modeler – revision 24 – upgrade news and    fixes.
#1680966 – SAP HANA Modeler – revision 24 – upgrade news and    fixes.
#1664657 – SAP HANA Modeler Rev. 23: upgrade news and fixes
#1661415 – SAP HANA Studio – Rev 23: Attr.reihenfolge in    Berechnu.sicht
#1663228 – SAP-HANA-appliance: Revision 23 of SAP HANA database
#1653292 – SAP-HANA-Appliance: Revision 21 of SAP HANA database
#1654160 – SAP HANA Modeler – revision 21 – upgrade news and tips.

Due to the large number of bugs that have been fixed, make sure to install the current revision as soon as possible.

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If you’re running BW on HANA SAP notes
#1637145 – SAP BW on HANA: Sizing SAP In-Memory Database
#1660125 – SAP HANA database: Table consistency check
#1664983 – RSHDB: Consistency check (004)
will be interesting to you.

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That’s so far about the SAP notes I stumbled over – the following links are some SDN blog posts I found pretty interesting.
Make sure to check them out:

In his two posts, Krishna explains the design of the new In-Memory versions of InfoCube and DSO:

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For the BWA user base thinking about the future of this BW add-on is quite common    nowadays, and my colleague from SAP Labs provides some insight:
SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator is NOT Dead

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Very interesting and as usual nicely written are the posts from Blag about the interaction of R (a free statistics    package) and HANA:

As R is about to be fully integrated into HANA in later versions, this information might become obsolete, but given the state of development today they help a great deal.

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Even more hype-oriented and tech-nerdy is the fantastic project to have Apples Siri   interact with HANA:
Siri meets HANA

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Finally, Jeffrey is off to a long journey and he takes us along:

Starting the Journey is the first part of what likely will become a little series of blog posts about writing a book about HANA.

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That’s all folks – see you next week.

Best regards,

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