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Doing the trick again

You know illusionists, right?

Folks like David Copperfield, David Blaine or Ricky Jay – we’ve all seen them and were left in awe and amusement when they performed their unbelievable tricks.

But what, dear fellows, is the mystery behind their magic?

It’s practice.

A lot of practice.

Exercising and doing the same thing over and over.

Until the trick is perfected and the audience can once again be taken out of everyday into a world of magic – at least while the show is on.

That’s a great inspiration, so I decided to follow this example.

And so I am going to repeat one of my most successful tricks (Something new, something old…):

<…in a dark, mysterious voice…>

Dear audience, now observe and watch closely!

Here I have an ordinary SAP HANA and In-Memory Computing space overview column:

Please notice the elegant simplicity.

Acknowledge the structural stringency.

It had been like this for a long time now.

It’s proven, stable, trusted.

The anchor of the weary SCN space surfer, the anchor of … you get it πŸ™‚


Now, hold your breath!

Don’t blink!



( << mutabor! >>)



Isn’t it amazing?

What do you mean, you don’t see anything?

Oh, dear optometrist!

Ok, once again for the slightly myopic readers here:

βž– βž• ❗ ALAKAZAM ! βž– βž• ❗

<< bless you! >>

There it is!

Yes folks, as of today, this space has a new moderator!

Lucas Oliveira is an SAP HANA expert hailing from the lovely South of Brazil (somewhere around here)

Google Maps

So join me and give Lucas a warm welcome and make some noise if you liked the trick πŸ˜‰ .

There you go – now you know!

– Lars


sorry for the Comic Sans, but this is the only topic I could ever use it for…


Ravindra Channe and Patrick Bachmann: you guys are responsible for the theme of this post!

(Re: Calculated column and null values, Re: Create local temporary table in procedure…)

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