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Collecting HANA support information easily

Dear HANA support activists and those who just happen to have to deal with SAP HANA!

When dealing with customer messages a large share of the work is related to collecting required data from the customer’s system.This takes time and requires a service connection to the customer system, which is unfortunately not always available.

Luckily there is a solution for this available now: starting with revision 30 a python script is part of the software delivery for the SAP HANA database.

It’s called and is run on the HANA server on Linux level.

For details on this script and how to use it, please see the KBA I’ve written or run python –help,

1732157 – Collecting support information for SAP HANA

Nice to see that there are improvements happening all over when it comes to SAP HANA!

Have fun with the script,


the script is not mine but created by a real developer 😉

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