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Book Announcement: SAP HANA Administration

I’ve mentioned it before in a couple of threads and today I am happy to officially and proudly announce:

There is now a pack of paper with my name on, available and waiting to be bought by you.

SAP HANA Administration

That’s right.

My colleague Richard Bremer and I put together what we think should be known by every SAP HANA DBA.

The book covers

  • installation and setup of a SAP HANA instance
  • management of users and roles
  • dealing with tables
  • coping with partitioning and data distribution
  • indexing
  • compression
  • using PlanViz and lots more.

Since SAP HANA is a very rapid evolving platform we put a lot of weight to fundamentals, concepts and principles that will take you far and likely still be important to master in revisions to come.

Has everything we thought up made it into the book? Definitively not!

The rigid editing process cut down from  900+ pages to around 722, but it is still quite a brick of dead trees.

Beyond that, I can honestly say I wish I had this book when I started to work with SAP HANA.

Since not everyone is willing to see little forests cut down for an IT book, the good folks at SAP Press provide electronic versions  for all the major platforms as well.

The book can be ordered directly on or via the usual suspects of book retailing.

SAP Press will be present at the upcoming teched && d-code events and so will be Richard (your chance to ask for a signature on your copy or ask some questions 🙂 ).

That’s it – hope you enjoy.

Cheers, Lars

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