Advertisment – Webinar “Performance in SAP HANA Databases” slide deck

Dear all!

The slide deck for my last weeks Webinar Performance in SAP HANA Databases – Webinar Details are online and can be found here:

Performance in SAP HANA Databases – Webinar Presentation.

If you missed the Webinar watch out for the recording (should be online later this week in the same place) here:

Performance in SAP HANA Databases – Webinar Replay .

For more Webinars on SAP HANA check out SAP Customer Solution Adoption Know-How Webinar.

Enjoy the presentation and have a great summer!



  • Ombir says:

    Hi Lars,

    This webinar link is not available. Can you please share the updated link or any other video tutorial related to performance improvement in Hana.

    I would be grateful for this.


    • This webinar was released in 2013 and hosted by SAP.
      I do not control this content and if it is not available any longer from SAP, I am afraid, I cannot do anything about that.
      However, given the age of the material, I doubt that it would be particularly useful nowadays.
      Maybe you want to check the SAP HANA Academy videos on youtube.

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