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This is a blog containing my writings on SAP HANA, databases, SQL, software development, and whatever else comes to my mind.

Quick author introduction:

  • Lars Breddemann (that’s a double-d and double-n), German living in Melbourne, Australia, with a past in Vienna, Austria.
  • I began working with HANA before it was publicly released in 2011 and continued to do so up until the end of 2021.
  • Richard Bremer and I have written the first SAP HANA Administration book published by SAP Press in 2014. This was an intense experience and the book, albeit about a niche technology topic, received rather good reviews.
  • Once an SAP employee, SCN Moderator, SAP Mentor/SAP Technology Ambassador, and SAP HANA Distinguished Engineer (programs now defunct or changed direction).
  • For a long time, I was a regular contributor to SAP HANA Q&A forums (StackOverflow, SAP Community).
  • Currently working for Tableau/Salesforce.

You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

That’s all, folks.