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A useful hint on notes

From time to time I get customers asking: ”When will the patch mentioned in note XYZ be available?”.

Most often the disappointing answer has to be: “The release date won’t be announced until the software is released.” The reasoning behind this policy of information can be disputed – anyhow it is how SAP and its partners currently handle it. We don’t promise dates since there might come up very good reasons to spend some more time on producing the bugfix.

So how can the customer then know when the requested software will be available? Actually, whenever a patch is released this is usually updated in the corresponding SAP note. So to know about the software release is to know about the changes of the note. Ok, but really nobody wants to check all the note all days just to find out one day: the note was modified…

To save much time and more nerves SAP provides a handy feature in the Service Marketplace: the note subscription.

When you display a note in the Service Marketplace you get this little link in the upper right corner named “SUBSCRIBE”. Click it and you’ll be asked if you really want to subscribe. A click on “YES” and the next time the note is changed you’ll get an e-mail notification about it.

To unsubscribe just redisplay the note in the Service Marketplace again and at the very same location where you found “SUBSCRIBE” now an “UNSUBSCRIBE” can be found.

Voilà! Notes tracking made easy.

For those of you that are further interested in the notes-search functionality in the SAP Service Marketplace there is a Learning Map available:

SAP Service Marketplace -> notes.

Just click “Learning Maps” on the left-hand menu and browse through the PowerPoint presentation.

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